Toronto, Miami - February, 8 - 10 2016

After the great success of the last editions, I.E.M. International Exhibition Management once again announces the staging of the Simply Italian Great Wines Americas Tour 2016 with stopovers in Toronto for a second time on 8 February and Miami on 10 February.

The highly prestigious and top class locations visited during the 2014 tour and the packed programme made up of seminars, lunches, B2B events and walkaround tastings saw the participation of more than 350 operators at each stopover, in addition to B&B proprietors, restaurateurs, sommeliers and opinion leaders.

“The choice of Canada,” said I.E.M.’s Managing Director Giancarlo Voglino in February, during the first edition of Simply Italian Great Wines in Toronto, “was prompted by the continuous growth in the importance of Italian wine on this monopoly-controlled market.  Indeed, Canada is in sixth place among the main importers of wine in the world and is one of the markets where Italian wine production has seen the greatest growth in recent years, attaining a 20% market share for imported wine in terms of value and 17% in volume.”

The United States, and specifically Miami, is a long-established market for I.E.M.. As Marina Nedic, I.E.M.’s Managing Director, said: “This is the tenth year that IEM has organised promotional events for Italian wine in Miami at this time of year. We have strong roots in this area and enjoy established, strategic relations with all the most important operators, constantly nurtured by our local branch, I.E.E.M. – International Event & Exhibition Management, which is able to meet the daily requirements of both Italian companies and the local operators.” Indeed, I.E.E.M. enjoys established, strategic relations with all the most important operators, the press, the opinion leaders and the opinion formers in the area.


  • CANADA: The 2015 half-year data (January – June) published by Il Corriere Vinicolo display an increase in bottled imports in Canada of 9% in value and 4.4% in volume, confirming Italy in second place among supplier countries.  This positive trend is further corroborated by the performance of sparkling wines in the same period, with an increase in Italian imports of 31.1% in value and 29.6% in volume (Il Corriere Vinicolo).

  • UNITED STATES:  The United States, with more than 4 billion euros of imports in 2014, is the key leading global market for wine production companies and the one that offers the best prospects in the near future.  In the last decade (2005-2015), the imports of foreign wine grew by 47.3% in value and, in tandem, consumption also increased (Italian Wine & Food Institute data). In the first six months of 2015, the volume of Italian imports in the United States increased by 8% in the bottled division and 45.8% for sparkling wines (Il Corriere Vinicolo).

Florida is the nerve centre for imports/exports in the south east of the United States and Miami is its mainstay due to the extraordinary concentration of international businesses and its geographical position, which makes it a gateway to South America and the Caribbean. Together with California and New York, Florida is one of the three states with the highest rate of consumption and stands at first place for the volume and value of imported wine. 

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